Acquiring Used Freightliners For A New Company Fleet

After years of delivering your company products in a small delivery truck, it's possible that you'll reach the point where that's just not sufficient anymore. Large Freightliners, or semi-trucks, might be what you need to transport your items around the state or between states. However, finding Freightliners that you can afford on your company's budget can sometimes become challenging.

Luckily, previously-owned Freightliners are available as well. These trucks cost less than the brand-new ones you might have looked at, sometimes substantially so. If you do your search well, you can find previously-owned Freightliners that are just a year or a few years older than this years' models. Getting them from reputable sellers or dealers can ensure that they're in great condition. Ensure a good purchase and a serious search by using these tips.

1-Secure Financing

Even if you select used Freightliners for your company, you're likely to part with thousands of dollars for a reliable model. Paying upfront is the obvious decision, but it could be a much smarter and strategic choice to get a simple loan.

With an affordable loan, you can have more buying power when you look at newer previously-owned trucks. In addition, whatever you don't spend as a Freightliner downpayment can be retained in a "rainy day" fund for repairs, making loan payments or maintenance work on the truck.

2-List Your Needs

It's vital that your search begin with clarity about what exactly you need from a Freightliner. Other than taking shipments from one facility to another, you may have more specialized wants. For example, perhaps you want onboard GPS capability. Maybe you want the entire truck to be equipped with wi-fi. Perhaps you need a certain size for your products. Having a list makes the search quicker and easier.

3-Test Drive It

You may be pleased with the way a Freightliner is described in an ad or in an online sale. However, to support your drivers, you might wait to make the actual purchase until you've driven the Freightliner yourself. 

The interior needs to be comfortable enough that someone can sit in the operator seat for hours upon end. The roof must be free from leak stains. Plumes of smoke shouldn't emanate from the truck hood. As you drive the truck around, make note of anything that seems amiss. You can also use one of your best truckers for this step, allowing them to test drive on your behalf.

Being smart about Freightliner purchases will enable your business to deliver products all over the place for the first time. Talking with peers, dealers, and your drivers will enable you to find and choose a good, previously-owned semi-truck. For more information on looking at used Freightliner trucks for sale, contact your local dealer.