Tips For Incentivizing Your Company's Truck Drivers To Comply With Pre-Trip Truck Inspection Programs

While you understand the importance of your trucking company having a pre-trip inspection program and training each of your drivers exactly how you want the inspections completed, you may be struggling with getting your drivers to comply. Thankfully, by following these industry-specific tips, you will incentivize your drivers to perform quality inspections and promote your trucking company's safety-conscious image.

Tip: Make Your Training Program Relevant and Interesting

No matter how exciting you think your training program's materials are, chances are your drivers would prefer to be just about anywhere else while the training is taking place. And, bored truck drivers aren't learning anything of value. To promote better inspections and adherence to your program by investing in some better training materials or consider switching to an online program that uses some humor to get their messages across. 

Tip: Always Train Your Drivers to Avoid Violation for Both Themselves and Your Company

Many trucking companies train their drivers in numerous ways to avoid inspection violations from roadside stops and weigh stations but fail to take the time to train them on how to avoid driver-specific violations. Human nature is such that drivers will go out of their way to follow their company's instructions much better when they feel like the trucking company cares about them as much as it does about its own interests. You can show your drivers you care by instructing them on pre-trip inspection aspects that will help prevent them from getting a driver's violation during an inspection. 

Tip: Create a Company-Specific Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

To ensure adherence to your pre-trip inspection program and make it easier for your drivers to comply with, take the time to create a company-specific inspection checklist they can follow. Make the checklist digital so they can quickly complete it on their cell phone before taking off on the road.

Tip: Allow Your Drivers Ample Time to Inspect Their Trucks and Loads

Finally, since the law requires your company's drivers to inspect their trucks and loads before each trip and then again at other periodic times during longer hauls, you absolutely must allow your drivers plenty of time to complete them. If your company pushes your drivers to get every second out of their driving time, then they will cut corners by slacking off on inspections, which will ultimately cost your company money and lower its safety rating. Since leadership comes from the top, show your drivers how important pre-trip inspections are by building ample time into their workday to complete them.

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