Tips For Incentivizing Your Company's Truck Drivers To Comply With Pre-Trip Truck Inspection Programs

While you understand the importance of your trucking company having a pre-trip inspection program and training each of your drivers exactly how you want the inspections completed, you may be struggling with getting your drivers to comply. Thankfully, by following these industry-specific tips, you will incentivize your drivers to perform quality inspections and promote your trucking company's safety-conscious image. Tip: Make Your Training Program Relevant and Interesting No matter how exciting you think your training program's materials are, chances are your drivers would prefer to be just about anywhere else while the training is taking place.

Acquiring Used Freightliners For A New Company Fleet

After years of delivering your company products in a small delivery truck, it's possible that you'll reach the point where that's just not sufficient anymore. Large Freightliners, or semi-trucks, might be what you need to transport your items around the state or between states. However, finding Freightliners that you can afford on your company's budget can sometimes become challenging. Luckily, previously-owned Freightliners are available as well. These trucks cost less than the brand-new ones you might have looked at, sometimes substantially so.